Dinner Party – Actor, Director, Writer, Editor, DP

Official Selections – Dances With Films, Charleston IFF, Film Noir FF, Drunken Zombie FF
Synopsis: Since Jeff’s friends have coupled up, he’s become the fifth wheel. Scratch that. He’s become the crappy spare tire that no one remembers is in the trunk of the car. He’s tired of being ignored by his beloved friends, and he’s determined to rekindle the good times, even if it means kidnapping them and forcing them to enjoy his dinner party. Starring Steve Yager, Dane Biren, GiGi Hessamian, and Beth Moline.


See You Soon – Actor, Director, Writer, Editor
Synopsis: A widower is desperate to join his wife in the afterlife in this dark comedy. Starring Steve Yager.


Ghosts – Director, Writer, Editor, DP
Synopsis: A woman’s last day as a contract killer forces her to reconcile with conflicting feelings. Starring Ivy Khan and Jeff Galfer.


Gene & Gennifur – Director, Writer, Editor
Synopsis: Divorced, depressed and out of work, Gene seeks to reclaim his manhood with Gennifur, a sympathetic rockabilly call girl. After weeks of uneventful rendezvous, Gene wants to call it quits, but Gennifur’s agressive pimp, Gitmo, shows up to complicate things. Starring Ivy Khan, Phil Apoian, and Bill Heck.


Alone In the Cabin – Director, Writer, Editor, DP, Composer
Synopsis: When a woman waits for her husband to arrive at their cabin, she encounters terrifying forces with malevolent intentions. Starring Shanna Micko.


I’ll Be Your Baby – Actor, Director, Writer, Editor, DP
Synopsis: When Doug’s parents die in an electrocution double suicide in the bathtub, he makes an odd request of his friends. Starring Steve Yager, GiGi Hessamian, and Ivy Khan.


Getaway – Director, Writer, Editor, DP
Synopsis: Things turn violent when two girlfriends’ vacation is interrupted by a phone call. Starring Shanna Micko and Katie Haverly.